A turnkey website and content manager for conference organizers

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You are a conference, seminar or colloquium organizer and you need to promote your event on the web? Kattagami is made for you.

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An easy solution to build your conference website

What is Kattagami?

Kattagami is a web service that allows you to build a powerful conference website. It takes care about the technical part and lets you concentrate on your communication.

How much does it cost?

Kattagami costs €89 per month. For instance, if you need a website for 10 months, you will pay 10x89 = €890. For more details, please ckeck the pricing page.

Designed for Conferences

Speakers, presentations, schedule, sponsors, organizers, news ... the main features you expect to find in a conference website are available and ready to use.

User friendly

The user interface is simple and easy to understand. Drag and drop, page builder, design customizer... Take a look for yourself, try our live demo.

Mobile and tablette ready

Your attendees will be able to surf on your website with their mobile, tablette, laptop or PC. Kattagami provides an adaptable layout that fits any device.


You need to ask a question or there is something you don't understand? Don't worry, you are not allone. You can use the support and we will do our best to answer your question.

Free updates

Kattagami evolves constantly and all the future updates and new features will be free for our members.


Use only what you need. You can activate/deactivate any or all features, so your user interface will stay simple and close to your requirements.